Product Image - Ready Mix Concrete Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mixed concrete is the best way to go!

Product Image - Sand and Gravel Sand and Gravel

 A variety of sizes and materials make up our Sand & Gravel Collection

Product Image - Septic Tanks and Supplies Septic Tanks and Supplies

 Septic tanks and supplies from start to finish.

Product Image - Construction Materials Construction Materials

 Construction materials such as rebar, snap ties, concrete sealers and building tubes.

Product Image - Water Reservoirs Water Reservoirs

 Well tiles and concrete water reservoir materials.

Product Image - Sacked Products Sacked Products

 Mortor, concrete, grout and the various materials used in the process of concrete work are all important parts of the production process.

Product Image - Pre Cast Items Pre Cast Items

Concrete dry wells, parking bumpers, patio pavers, ecology blocks, jersey barriers and concrete bird baths

New Technology

 When it comes to ready mix concrete, sand & gravel, precast products in NE Washington you won't find a better selection.  Colville Valley Concrete has been supplying contractors and individual builders for over 60 years so we know what you need.  We make sure that we have the best materials and the best service for whatever you decide to produce. Colville Valley Concrete is commited to suppling high strength concrete.