Sand and Gravel

Product Image - 3/8 3/8" Pea Gravel

Used for landscaping, trim areas, radon rock under foundations and fine granding under concrete slabs.

Product Image - 1 Inch Screened 1 Inch Screened

It is used in our concrete mixes and for landscaping.  

Product Image - 1 1/2 1 1/2" Crushed Rock

 This product is used as a base rock for driveways.

Product Image - 3 3" Recycled Concrete

 This product is an excellent base for driveways.

Product Image - 5/8 5/8" Recycled Asphalt

 Recycled asphalt is a product that helps keep costs down and excellent driveway material.

Product Image - 5/8 5/8" Crushed Rock

5/8" Crushed Rock  - Top Course & Base Course

Used for driveways & under concrete to provide a frim base. 

Product Image - Drain Rock Drain Rock

This product is mainly used in drain field in septic systems.

All About Sand and Gravel

Colville Valley Concrete carries a variety of gravels for landscaping, dressing up your driveways and installing drain fields.