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Steve Connelly
Geoff McNiven

Colville Valley Concrete, Corp
East 1175 Third Avenue
P.O Box 343
Colville, Washington 99114
PHONE: 509-684-2534
PHONE: 509-935-6037
FAX: 509-684-7635

Servicing Customers Large and Small

With 58 years of service to Eastern Washington, we have served clients large and small.  Our products have been used on area bridges, on state and local highways, mills, generating stations, area hospitals, schools and a variety of custom built homes, commercial and farm projects, in the Tri-County area.  Whether you are considering needs for your home, for your farm, your business or your community, service is just a phone call away.  We are here to serve you.

 For the Home...

Driveways, patios, sidewalks, foundations, septic tanks, well casings, gravel, decorative blocks, retaining walls, tennis courts, earth sheltered homes, and many decorative uses.

For the Farm...

Concrete barnyards, feed bunks, tilt up or block buildings, manure handling systems, loading chutes, water troughs, grain silos, drain tiles and water storage. 

For the Business...

Parking lots, sidewalks, tilt up or block buildings, foundations and water storage.

For the Community...

Street paving, sidewalks, curbing, municipal projects, water storage, drainage projects and airport runways.

Why Select Colville Valley Concrete?

  1. As a resident company, we are concerned about your needs and your perception of our product and service.  We will be here tomorrow to stand behind the products we sell today.
  2. We are reliable and stable which is evident in the fact that we are the oldest company of our type in the Tri-County area.
  3. We are situated locally, we can respond quicker with a more experienced crew to meet your needs.
  4. We offer competitive prices.
  5. We have up-to-date production facilities and a well maintained fleet of modern trucks.
  6. Our employees are experienced professionals who constantly emphasize dependability, courtesy and preserving the quality in our products.
  7. All materials are screened and washed.
  8. All mix designs tested and proven.

A Responsible Community Partner

Providing employment to area citizens and conducting a responsible business is not the only commitment that Colville Valley Concrete has had to communities of this area.

Contributions of products have been made to area schools, churches and other non-profit organizations.

History of Service

Colville Valley Concrete Corporation, organized in 1951, is a modern efficient concrete products company concerned with customer satisfaction and product quality.  Click here for more history.